Where can I buy HAMANAKA products in Japan?

You can search shops from maps.
*  only in Japanese

Please tell me about conditions of the contract to become an agency or a distributor.

You can talk to us (h-world@hamanaka.co.jp).
* There are distributors who sell HAMANAKA products in Asian countries, such as Hong Kong,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.
If you are in those countries,
please talk to the person in charge; Mr. Gary Lee (garylee@hamanaka.com.hk) at Hamanaka Hong Kong.

Do you have a webshop where I can place orders from outside Japan?
Can you deliver to overseas?

Unfortunately, we are not selling overseas to individual customers directly.
(it depends on the situation of amuont of orders. Please ask.)

Also,  we only have a domestic webshop, "Hamanaka Sho-ten".

Are there any products which contain English instructions?

There are some products with English instructions.
* ex: Felt wool craft kit as below

We plan to increase the variety.

Are there any shops where people can buy HAMANAKA products overseas?

We are exporting our products to shops in many countries in ASIA, EUROPE, USA and AUSTRALIA.
Please let us know which country you are in, and which products you have interest to purchase.
We will give you the contact details for a distributor near you.

I have a HAMANAKA Felt Wool Kit. Would you send me the English instructions?

Can you find "English instructions included" on the package?
If not, English instructions are not available for that kit at this time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
We are planning to increase number of products with an English version.

Where can I get craft kits and books about Sanrio, Pocket Monster, and Disney series?

You can buy them in Japan. Unfortunately, these products are not allowed to be exported for selling overseas,
because of the copyright issue.
Our online shopping site "HAMANAKA SHOTEN"sells these products,
however it is also unable to send these products overseas.