Today, we would like to introduce Sweet Pea Dolls as our official Hamanaka ambassador and our reliable retailer, based in the UK. They combine excellent product knowledge with a superb customer service.
We have been working closely together since 2016, and we feel honoured that they truly love our products and have been working hard to introduce and build awareness of the Hamanaka brand in the UK/EU area and worldwide.
In November 2017, we co-exhibited at the famous Hyper Japan Christmas exhibition in London. It was a great success, with lovers of Japanese culture from all over the world visiting our booth and feeling so interested in our felting and crochet products!

It was clear to us, how everyone who visited our booth were amazed by Sweet Pea Dolls’ passion for Hamanaka crafts and felt inspired to try for themselves!
We are a big fan of them, and we are delighted to work together!
Sweet Pea Dolls are based in the UK, but they ship worldwide, so no matter which country you are in, you can feel free to talk to them about any Hamanaka products and they will be delighted to help you!
They are stocking a wide range of Hamanaka felting products including materials, kits and tools, as well as yarns, crochet and pom pom goods too!
If you would like to purchase any Hamanaka product not in their store, they will always be happy to source this for you.
Look out for the limited edition Hamanaka Mana-chan items in their shop, as these are not available anywhere else at this moment!